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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Delightfully sweet things from the garden!

As the heat begins to weigh heavily onto the Coachella Valley, the last of my crops are coming in.
It is a race against the sweltering heat...

I am still learning what-to-plant-when, and this pepper plant might not make it through the heat, but Im so excited to see the little veggie growing!

I am a newbie when it comes to corn....How do you know when it is ready to pick? Once picked, will more grow on the stalk?

Tomato plants are fading fast, but still producing! I have found that I get very upset if plants have yellow leaves, look spindly, etc...I try to keep everything trimmed and looking good. This photo was BEFORE I trimmed up my plants! LOL
Anyone else 'Obsessive' in the garden?

Ahhhhhhh...the rewards of gardening are evident! This harvest will become freshly-made brushetta for my study group today! The basil will come out of the garden as well! Nothing like home-grown foods to eat!

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The Provost Family said...

It makes perfect sense but is still funny to see your growing season; ours is a bit different up here. I can't wait for fresh bruschetta!! There is nothing like the taste of food you've grown yourself (or friends have grown....)