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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reincarnation...of sorts

Yes, it is I....Beth Ann. Coming back to resume where I left off almost a year ago! LOL
Let me tell you- A LOT has happened since then, and although I dont have time (or want to go back) to tell you everything, I will pick up where I left off- which is the wonderful town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Yes, you know the one. It's the ONLY place I talk about, besides South Bend.

So- here is the scoop. My sister, who laughed at my expense regarding blogging....who tirelessly made fun of me while on vacation in Idaho blogging, who griped and complained about me having to have time to blog my adventures while I was in Idaho....IS NOW BLOGGING! :)

I have to say I am THRILLED!!!!! I dont care if she made fun of me or not (or my mom for that matter)- the fact is SHE IS BLOGGING and I will be able to read and see her adventures this upcoming year....Didnt I tell you? Well.....

My sis and her family will be selling their house, buying a motorhome and homeschooling their kids on the road as they travel the U.S. for a year! (I know, I know....who does that? Only in the movies...but really it is FABULOUS!)

She is living what A LOT of people only dream of! I know I wish I could do that!
So she will be blogging about her adventures and because you are following me, you can follow her too! :)

So, here is her house in Couer d'Alene, Id.
It is FOR SALE....(sniff sniff)
It is a 3 bd/2 bath cozy and adorable 1916 house that I would SNATCH UP in a heartbeat if we could!
You can catch her blog at: PROVOST RECESS
...and if you click on her picture of the house, you can see all the rooms inside!

Ta ta for now!

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Ronda's Rants said...

What a darling house! My Hubby is currently looking for work...Is that a good area to look? I think your sister is doing a great thing. I work for an RV dealership in marketing...I am going to check out her blog!