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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm a new Vice-President!

Tonight we held our
Delta Kappa Gamma installation for the new 2010-2012 board members.
What a night!

We thanked the outgoing- and welcomed the incoming...and had a bountiful feast while doing it!

Our society organization helps foster women in education...whether going into the field, or newly credentialed. We offer scholarships and grants for women in the field...as well as community service projects that benefit the kids we teach!

We have a couple yearly projects...one is providing backpacks full of supplies for different age groups and genders, right before school starts. The second one is we started making "Jared Boxes" for children who end up with long hospital stays. They are plastic boxes filled with all kinds of goodies for the child to play with- coloring books, crayons, cards, toys, etc...
Our chapter ended up making a total of 32 boxes and I hope we can beat that for this next year!

I look forward to working with these wonderful ladies and getting to know them all as good friends!

Let's get ready to boogie!

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The Provost Family said...


I'm still not calling your madam vice president.