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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

17 More Days till Utopia!

...Yes, ALL teachers count the days until the end of the school year, Didn't you know? OH YES!!!!
This is the time of year that traditional schedule teachers both dread and relish. Dread because we have so much to squeeze in before those 17 days end, and relish because we only have to wake to our alarm clocks 17 more times.

Let me break down the last 17 days for you-

17 school days left means that we have 3 days left this week. Lots to review and reinforce in these kids still, as well as trying to do a super clean/toss old junk within your 4 walls before school ends.

Next week is 5 solid days of teaching. See above.

Memorial Monday is no school, which means there are only 4 days that week. That helps becasue those 4 day weeks always seem to feel so long. See above.

Now comes the excitement period. This last week is full of 8th graders promotion, 6th, 7th and 8th grade reward days, and we end on June 10th. Yes, that is a Thursday, which I think is a little strange, but makes us happy because we sort of feel like we are playing hookie the last day of school. (Which we really aren't) :)

Literally on June 10th, the administration wants you to take the 'check-out list' and do everything on it and check out as fast as you can so you can turn in your keys and they can lock up. Rooms might need to be painted, carpets cleaned, furniture moved, etc....lots happen while we are gone over the sumer.

I plan on keeping my keys for awhile, so I can remove all the old stuff left by the last teacher, that is unfortunatley not being used. I have to put all my stuff away, since it is literally all over my room. I should take a pic and show you. That is what I'll do! :)

Anywho....after today we are counting 16 more days..... 16 more days....I think I can, I think I can...

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