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Saturday, June 12, 2010

WHAT?! My twins are 9? When did this happen?

This is my little man Cope who was born (hurriedly) on June 11, 2001 at 9:57pm.

And this is my little girl Tierney who is strong-willed and knows it all. She was born on June 11th at 9:59pm.

This is them now...... where did all those years go?

And this year I dropped the ball and didn't take ANY pictures during the party! I know! I know!
So here are some 'after the party' pictures....

Having a friend spend the night

Fresh fruits....

to counter-balance the design-your-own cupcakes.

The fancy helmets they got for baseball

And the fully-enclosed FORT they made for the sleepover

There were many other wonderful presents they received, but this post would be forever long....so you'll just have to come over and play with them here!

It was a wonderfully-relaxing day with friends.

Thank you everyone!


The Provost Family said...

Aww darn, I was hoping it would let me post a picture of when they were even itty bittier.
So glad they had a happy birthday, I still can't believe they're already 9.
Can't wait to celebrate up here!!

The Provost Family said...
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