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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bryce Canyon revisited (and feeling MUCH better)

Yes- today was a MUCH better day at Bryce Canyon! I was feeling really bad that I was so disappointed in the day-but come to find out we just didn't have enough information!
So we wake up and head on over to the kiosk to purchase a yearly pass- and the lady so nicely explains that the free shuttle goes to the Visitor's Center first and to see the movie there that she recommends (which we did) and then the shuttle takes you to the end of the line and you start visiting the different points coming back! Oooooh!
No one mentioned that to us yesterday, so we didn't know why it wasn't stopping where we wanted! Sooooo- you start at the end, which is Bryce Point, and spend as much time as you want there, then take the shuttle to the next point which is Inspiration Point, then on to Sunset Point (where we took in the Geology talk with Ranger Jan), and on to Bryce Canyon Lodge (beautiful!), and again on to Sunrise Point and back to the Visitor's Center!
Well that all made sense when she explained it- so we went back today FULL FORCE and took most of Bryce Canyon in and LOVED IT!!!!
We did just as we were told, and went to Bryce Point first. Beautiful and so amazing that this was all pushed up and up and then exposed and weathering so.
We hit all the Points we missed yesterday and then some!

Finally we made it back to the Visitor's Lodge and the kids turned in their Jr. Ranger booklets, answered some questions and were swore in as Bryce Canyon Jr. Rangers! Now they are Jr. Rangers in Zion and Bryce! It was very exciting!

Back into the car as we headed out of the park and went looking for Mossy Cave just East on the 12. Well, somehow we completely missed it, and ended up making a bathroom stop in a little town of Escalante. WAY CUTE!!!! If you get the chance to drive through- make sure you STOP and enjoy yourself at a shop/cafe called ESCALANTE OUTFITTERS.
Excellent food and a wonderful shop filled with everything imaginable to play outside-hiking, backpacking, etc....YOU GOTTA GO!

Heard a secret from the store owner...and found a secret local hangout where the kids could play in the water we so missed! So off we went in search of this place and we found it! The kids had a ball swimming and wading and being brave!

Moving on we then drove all the way 12 N going through Escalante, Boulder Town, Grover, Torrey, Loa, Lyman and Sigurd. We hopped N to Salina and took the 50 across to catch the 15. 15 all the way to Spanish Fork, which we found no place to stay, and moved onto to Springville! WHEW! Pooped to say the least! But guess what is RIGHT NEXT TO THE HOTEL?
That is right baby- The Cracker Barrel! Oh we are in Heaven! More tomorrow!

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The Provost Family said...

I'm so very, very happy for you all! it sounds like you have finally achieved the vacation rhythm!! Also that you gave Bryce another chance :)