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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bryce Canyon in a day

(Waiting to pick up the free shuttle into Bryce Canyon)
Well, Bryce Canyon is a HUGE contrast to Zion...and being the 1st time for us at both...I was sort of disappointed. I guess I thought it would be more Zion-like, but it was very different.
Now don't misunderstand- It truly is breathtaking and Ranger Jan gave a very informative and wonderful geology talk on the canyon...BUT...did you know there is no water there?
I had our day bag packed with suits, towels and flip-flops, but no place to go in the water! Did I miss something?
I know that even though it is called Bryce Canyon, it truly is NOT a canyon. (This explanation came from Ranger Jan) They have over 200 days of 'freeze-thaw" which had led to major erosion of the canyon. Hoodoos are EVERYWHERE and they are so incredible to look at! If you go-make sure you visit Sunset Point. The Hoodoos are so close, it feels like you could just reach out and touch them! You can almost imagine yourself jumping across the tops of them all the way across the canyon! Bryce is at the 8,000 ft mark, so Ponderosa Pines are everywhere and that old familiar (Flagstaff) smell brought back so many memories! I also had forgotten how cool big, puffy and thick white clouds could be! (Still waiting for my thunderstorm)
As beautiful as it all was, I am most disappointed that there was no water! I miss water! We had so much fun yesterday in the water, even though it was freezing. Yes, I am disappointed in the no water part; everything else was beautiful and worth seeing!(This was so COOL! An automatic water bottle-filler)
So-things on the the To-Do List:
  • Visit the Lodge
  • Watch the Bryce Canyon movie in the Visitor's Center
  • Gift shop in Visitor's Center
  • Sunset Point
  • Ride the free shuttle all over the park
  • Get, read and study the park guide newspaper for TONS of park info
Things to ponder:
  • Going to more than 1 National Park? Buy the yearly pass for $80.00
  • Bring in a backpack for all your stuff
  • Scope out eating and sleeping arrangements ahead of time
  • make sure you can get free Wi-Fi
  • If you have kids- join the FREE Jr. Ranger program- great for kids and you!
If you have any ideas I missed- please add in comments!


The Provost Family said...

Looks like you're having such a great adventure!!
Very happy to hear it!

Nikki Kinkle said...

Hey Babe, Glad you guys are having a great time, love reading about your days of fun!! WHAT's a HOODOO??

Love you all, Nikki

Beth Ann said...

A Hoodoo is a rock formation that used to be a whole huge rock, and slowly is decomposing and eroding till it looks like a craggy finger....lots of craggy fingers together! :)