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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beautiful Scenery and Sore Butts on Day 1

Can we fit anything else in the van? What did we forget?Our neighbor was riding by (at 5:00am!) and took our picture! LOLOn the road at a decent hour!Having breakfast at Starbucks!
Going through "the Virgin River Gorge"...just breathtaking!
Cope sleeping and Tierney picking on him....
Heading up to Zion....
So our travels for Day 1 were from Palm Springs to Zion, with a stop in Las Vegas for lunch with Jeff's parents, sister and his nephew Jack. Great time and it was good to see them!
Now we are relaxing at a local hotel in Hurricane, Utah and ready for hiking and playing in the water tomorrow! Sadly we did not get a campsite, but this is summer time after all!
Excited to see what Zion has to offer! With any luck we will be able to take the Zion Scenic Tour and then play in water! Whew.....I'm pooped.


Nikki said...

I miss you already, and it's only day one!!! This is going to be a LOOONNNGGG month my friend!! Just Kidding, I do miss you but you are going to have so much fun and come home with stories and pictures to share!! Drive carefully and KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!

XOXOXOX to all, LOVE YOU!!!!

Beth Ann said...

Miss you too friend!!! xoxoxoxo :)
Loving it so far! Today was the funnest! Cant wait till tomorrow- Bryce Canyon! Will post todays adventures tonight after dinner!