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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursdays #7

Here we go again!!!

Lisa, over at Confessions of an Apron Queen, has created a fun way to show off your antiques! Come join her every Thursday for a great way to see what people collect and the stories that go with it!
Join in the fun and link on over to her (ask me if you don't know how) and have fun reading about everyone's treasures!

My treasure this week will be my Great Aunt Betty Welton's lamp. Lamps usually aren't very exciting to me, but this one is so intriguing. I really don't know anything about it, and don't know how to find out... I see no markings on it at all.
It is made of swirled glass I believe, and that glass has the crackly finish to it. Colors of amber, green, browns and reds blend together to create this wonderful lamp.
How she sits now... poor thing!

Closer look at colors...

Extreme close up at colors and crackle finish

The cap and base add to its weight, so the whole lamp is quite heavy!

Base and old cord...still works great! (just needs a lamp shade!)
Anyone know the ins and outs of lampshades? How do you tell if shade is too big/small, etc.?

Why don't I have a lampshade on it? Well, when it was shipped to me from Indiana, it cracked in half...and I'm scared to death to buy a new one for fear it won't look good, fit well, be the wrong color, etc...I keep waiting for my mom or sister to get back into town to help me pick one out. Poor thing has been without a shade for 2 years.

I had another beautiful sheer etched glass lamp from my grandmother (the one who gave me the hutch, table and chairs) but unfortunately the kids ran behind the sofa and tripped on the cord when they were 3 years old. Down it came crashing... I was heartbroken about it, but could hear my grandma saying, "Oh Beth Ann, it is only an old lamp"...and hugging me....
Isn't it wonderful when a simple object can recall such loved memories?
See lamp in background?? It was so beautifully soft and romantic.


Rue said...

I'm sorry your other lamp broke. I have my great grandmother's lamp and it's bent so that it's unusable. I hope you find the perfect shade for the other one. Maybe you should take it to a lamp store and ask what they think.

rue :)

Eileen said...

Maybe you can find just the perfect shade for it at a flea market or something.. you know.. one that would be around the same age?.. It really is a beauriful piece. I love the colors.

womaninawindow said...

Funny how we can be so attached to things but yet older folks can just let go so easily.

Love that shot of the lamp's base and the cord. Don't know why but that's my favorite.

Elizabeth said...

That lamp is just gorgeous. I know nothing about lampshades, I'd end up bringing the lamp to the store.