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Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Sept. 8th

I have been absent for awhile, but I have stuck to my menu planning and LOVE doing it! Thanks to ORGJUNKIE.COM, I have had great fun making lots of recipes (we love Rachel Ray), and the kids have been great at pitching in! Join us Mondays for Menu Planning! You post what meals you have planned for the week, then go to Orgjunkie.com, and link up. There have been over 250 other people linked and you go and peruse what they are having-it is a great way to spice up what your menu!
My weekly join-in will be twice a month now, since my husband and I take turns cooking a week at a time.
PS- if you ever wanted to try one of my recipes, email me and Ill tell you how we liked it, how easy it was, etc... There has not been one recipe we haven't liked, but some we would "doctor up" differently.

Monday: Spaghetti alla Ceci p. 24 or Costco (depending if we need groceries)

Tuesday: Steak, Fried Onions and Potatoes p. 38 (changed slightly)
can't locate this on-line

Wednesday: Smokey Black Bean and Rice Stoup p. 64
ditto, so email me and Ill send you the recipe!

Thursday: Chicken with Scallion-Lime Sauce and Sweet Carrot Rice p. 68

Friday: Pasta in a Creamy Artichoke and Saffron Sauce p. 70
scroll down, way down, near the end of the article to find this recipe!
The Thai Chicken Pizza I made last week is there too! Very yummy!!!

This is the book I just love! All within 30 minutes and fairly easy!

Click here to order it from Amazon-
I think it is worth every penny!

Happy Cooking!!!


Smilingsal said...

I used to plan my menus for a week back in the days when I cooked!

Ronda's Rants said...

I have seen it before...but I hadn't ordered it but since you suggested it I am off to get it! Thanks, Ronda

jewels4free said...

Hi! I had no idea how to contact you outside of here, lol...and I wanted to say:

Thanks so much for participating in my giveaway and as my personal thank you and welcome to Jewels by Park Lane I would like to offer you the 75% off sale as the best way to get your favorite pieces you've chosen!!! It ends tomorrow night at midnight...if you are interested please let me know...this is not available on my website, you have to choose what you like and will receive this special deal directly thru me only by phone or email! :) Michelle Michaud

PlantBuddy said...

Just wondering how your pots of grasses are growing that you planted a while ago. Have you tried Sedum? It's a very hardy plant and requires no care at all. Blooms in the fall.

Beth Ann said...

Im trying to find a way to contact you! Where are you???


Beth Ann