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Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday Sept. 29th

A little late, but better than never....

I hab ben sick sins Friday....a bad hed code an a fevr....so my wurds mite nut come out rite....
I will twi to make it through dis week... stay wid me...... I will git in a bedder mood sune....

(And it is my week to cook....grumble grumble...)

I have a goal....Christmas time....to be able to fit into a swim suit and look descent. My family will be going to Florida again, and we swim all week long in the warm sands of West palm Beach!
So....this weeks recipes come from The "YOU on a DIET"...by Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz.

Monday: Asian Salmon and Brown Rice Pilaf (it was OH SO YUMMY!) p. 285

Tuesday: Spicy Chili p.286

Wednesday: Stuffed Whole Wheat Pizza p.287

Thursday: Mediterranean Chicken with Tomato, Olives and Herbed White Beans p. 289

Friday: Royal Pasta Primavera Provencale p. 290

Saturday: Turkey Tortilla Wraps with Red Baked Potato p. 292

All extremely easy, quick and yummy. No weird ingredients so far! LOL Includes snacks, fruit, milk, oj, and desserts...I cant go wrong with that! It is more about listening to your body, than portions... try it- you might like it!

Check it out here, if you would like....

and since I cant see to clearly...and stuffy, it has taken me over 10 minutes to look for the recipes....HERE....check them all out for yourself! There are hundreds!!!!! :)

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akhmmm said...

That was too funny how you began this post =D

All the best to you as you work to get ready for the beach. That would be a nice way to spend the winter.