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Sunday, June 14, 2009

How in the world do babies get to be 8 years old?

My mom warned me plenty of times....

.........."Honey, you better enjoy those twins now, because before you know it...they are going to be all grown up."

At the time I couldn't wait because I was dealing with 1 colicky baby and 1 who was fearless. Both wanted attention at the same time, both wanted to be fed at the same time, both needed me at the same time....I was continuously exhausted.

...Now, I wish I had those days back.

Those carefree fun days where time seems now, to have stood still....

Is it me, or do you notice too, that smiles just don't come as quickly as they used to back in those days? It is a whole different world now...sometimes easy, sometimes very difficult...but each thing we experience with them....is a learning step for them on their path of life. Oh how quickly the time goes...

I cannot beleive how big my babies are! Thursday, June 11th, they turned 8 years old!

Such a BIG DAY for the twins, and especially for me....yes I was va-klempt all week.
And I'm so glad it is over, and we have a whole year to look forward to the antics of 8 year olds!


Woman in a Window said...

There is something otherworldly in those very young days, two and three. It's never reproduced but what we get is something new, something new to learn about and love. Happy Birthday twins!

Ronda's Rants said...

How beautiful... Congrats Mom!
Happy Birthday to the twins...they seem like they are close.
My grand daughter turns two tomorrow on the 17th of June!