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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garlic Turkey Burgers and Homemade Chunky Potato Salad...

Just to name a few of the entrees we feasted on for the 4th of July!

My sister made an artichoke hummus (so yummy) and one of those fancy veggies on skewers cut into shapes of stars and firepoppers, and for the finale- a delicious "Freedom Cake" complete with sparklers on top! (How she has time to do this with three little ones I'll never know)
Peek at first pic- the veggie 'flowers' are ont he table.

Sandcastles turned into mudpies....

Swimming and hoops were popular...

Me and my incredible sister Erin

Sneak-attack of getting Mom in the picture too

the beautiful moon that came out that night

The very yummy and gone-in-seconds 'Freedom Cake' my sister made

And this is Lex. No party or gathering of any kind is complete without Lex and his guitar. He makes everything seem so much better as he strums his guitar and sings along. He is the icing on any cake!

It was a wonderful day and our Hostess Melissa was just fabulous! Thank you Melissa!

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