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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can you help "Adopt A Cage"?


I think I have a great idea. Actually to be honest, it was my sisters idea, but I'm running with it!

We have been outsmarted by our squirrels at school, and they have eaten through three plantings since September. It is very frustrating when you spend so much time and effort into teaching students how to be healthy and how easy it is to grow your own food, when you can't eat anything from the garden because the squirrels have chewed all the plants down to nubs. Sigh.....

So here comes the great idea! "Adopt A Cage" Program!

You donate to a very worthy cause, our school garden, and in return we:
  • purchase all the materials needed for each cage
  • built the cages and provide all the labor
  • eat healthy, organic foods from the garden we grew ourselves
  • supply you with free advertising for the year in our yearbook (you/your business)
  • send you a tax write-off paper
  • put a plaque with your name/business on it and hang it on the cage
All that for $200.00. (tax deductible)

My husband and I have funded the first 'cage' and have installed it. However we cannot afford to fund the other 9 bins in our garden. :( This is where you can come in and save the day!

You can click on the link in the title and go straight to my school web page, or you can simply write/email me for more information.

Right now, I have a whole backyard full of little plantlings waiting to be planted by the kids, but I won't take them to school until our raised beds are secure from those pesky squirrels. (we aren't allowed to shoot them, in case you were wondering) :(

Please help us! We are more than willing to accept any amount as well. We will send you a tax-write off paper as well. :)

Picking up donated plants
at Bonnie Plants

Our bounty!

Raised beds
Start of building cages

Almost done with cage
Still needs wire doors on side
It is looking beautiful!

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