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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursdays #10

As much as I love these days....I'm afraid I'm running out of stuff! (giggle)

Lisa, the Apron Queen, over at Confessions of an Apron Queen, has created these wonderful Thursdays for us to show off our vintage items! Go see her and tell her Beth Ann said hi!

So here is my turn at something vintage....

My vintage Hankie Collection

courtesy of my Great Aunt Betty Welton

What you are looking at is my mom's lingerie sachet with the blue ribbon. She used to keep secret things in there, and I guess gave up because I kept getting in it. She finally let me have it and I have kept it ever since! I have kept the following in there because they are too special to have anywhere else.

Let's start with the gloves... those are actually from my Grandma Wynne, and I used to watch her get ready for our get-togethers. She would take curlers out, brush through her hair, put on Oil of Olay, and then put on her high-heeled shoes. She used to have so many neat things in her drawers...she saw me admiring these one day and gave them to me. They used to fit, but I never wanted to get them dirty. I kept them in the plastic sleeve they came in. The have beautiful dainty flowers hand sewn into the fronts.
The tan and red scarves are from my Grandma McDonough...she always wore a hair bonnet when we went out. She would get her hair done each week, and took great lengths to keep it looking good. She had plain ones and fancy ones, then the plastic see-through one for when it rained.
These hankies are from my Great Aunt Betty....she became my "Grandma Betty" because I already had an Aunt Bette, and it was very confusing for me as to which was which...so she came up with the idea of Grandma Betty. How she loved to set the proper table with centerpieces every time we all got together.
We usually got together at Aunt Bette's house, so walking out into the woods to find nature items was easy, and her tables always looked so beautiful!
She was the first person to let me light a candle with stick matches. I was so nervous I couldn't do it!
Each one of these has a completely different look:
First white one on top has delicate yellow flowers sewn into each corner,
Second one is pale blue with white flowers sewn into the corners,
Third white one has white flowers with green stems sewn in

These top two are really neat because the pattern is in them already, and they are each scalloped in a different way on the corners.... click on the pics to enlarge them.
Blue with big pink flowers,
White with a garland of colored flowers,
White with a dainty garland all around

Here is a silky feeling hankie of Ireland, which it wouldn't surprise me if Grandma Betty had gone there....my mom's side is Irish, so this was really neat to get... and each time I got one, I just stuck it in my secret sachet.... so they are terribly wrinkled!

Tierney was watching me lay them out to snap pictures of them, (she is 7, going on 13) and Oh'd and Ah'd over them... and just had to try the gloves on...and the anal part of me wanted to say no...she had dirty hands, she would rip them, she would do something to ruin them....but I bit my lip and allowed her to slip her hands inside...she put them on backwards (which was funny) and she still talks about it..."Hey mom, member when you let me try those pretty gloves on?"....
So it was so worth it! One day they will be hers, and she cant wait!


Carrie said...

How nice that you were gifted with these lovely femenine items.

Coloradolady said...

What a wonderful gift to receive. I love these.

Elizabeth said...

Adore the Ireland hankie! My mom had a bunch of gloves that we used to play with in the 70s. I wonder if she still has any of them? I've already got all her hankies and scarves!

Ronda's Rants said...

My grandmother had this wonderful collection of aprons...I don't know where they are but I am going to find out! I had the best time playing with them as a child!!! I love that you have all that to keep and remember them.

Smilingsal said...

What a nice thing to pass down to your daughter one day.

nikkicrumpet said...

What special things...and what sweet stories they have to tell.

Grandma Faith said...

How nice that you treasure these wonderful momentos and share their stories with you children. It doesn't get any better than that. Take care.

Jewelgirl said...

Love the gloves! You have a nice
collection of treasured hankies!

Jennifer said...

Those are very pretty!

marybt said...

Those are great! And wonderful stories to go with them. :) I'm a sucker for hankies.

Diane said...

Who does NOT love vintage hankies?! They're great. The gloves are fantastic. I think all of us VTT gals should start wearing gloves again to bring them back!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I love them all and never tire of them! Yours are even more special since they are family keepsakes!
Blessings to You!
Claudia O.

womaninawindow said...

Amazing that you still have them all and all the stories to boot. I buy my kids vintage stuff to play with, to dress up with, to have around. Gives them a real appreciation of the old.

Rue said...

Hi Beth Ann :)

I wish we still wore gloves. Now it's hard to get anyone to wear something other than jeans LOL

Beautiful collection and so very sweet :)