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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I've got to catch up!

The Mola Mola fish or Sun Fish courtesy of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mola_mola

I can't believe I have days to catch up on! I was out Monday-Thursday because of having the 24 hour flu, or whatever it was... but now I'm back and have lots to share with you!

An old friend, Milinda, sent me a great link to watch a really fascinating video on sea creatures. Now if you don't know me, the SEA has always been my first love and my dream for so long was to be a cook on Jacques Cousteau's ship so he could teach me about Marine Biology, and I could learn French at the same time. Pretty slick, huh?
I believe this video is about 5 minutes, but it is really neat...check it out...Incredible Underwater Video.

Then I checked out the whole TED website and I'm assuming these 1000 people get together every year to discuss what neat things they have been working on.
Check out TED. Their claim is: Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers...I Love it!

So then I was fishing around on TED and found an interesting video and speaker and realized I had been assuming one thing, when it really wasn't true. Have you ever heard of the Sunfish? Those big, awkward-looking, floating-on-the-waters-surface fish that seem to serve no purpose? (see above picture) Well, I'm willing to bet after you watch this video, you will feel different too! I was really surprised and find it so fascinating that while I toil away each day at my job, there are so many doing what I WISHED I was doing! LOL
I find it very informative and inspiring that people then share what they are learning! Come check out TED for yourself!

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